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E68/Single 200 -> Se2005

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:19 am
by weimar
I'm hoping that someone on this forum can answer my questions.

It appears as though the E68 was a development of the E65 and became
the Single 2000. It looks like a great boat, nice wooden frame, reasonable assembly time,
conventional cockpit coaming, foot pump as an option, etc but does not appear to be available

There is however the SE2005, is this a later version of the Single 2000/E68 or a totally different boat?

I tried contacting Ralph at but the email bounces.


Tim W

Re: E68/Single 200 -> Se2005

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:07 am
by Christov_Tenn
Hey Tim,

Try the telephone numbers on the page. Ralph is also working with Alv at Pakboats, and can probably be reached by an email to an address at the domain.

It's my understanding, and I may be off base, that the Single 2005 was a further development of the E65, in that both boats have frames assembled by halves and put in the bow and stern of the skin where assembly is completed. The E68, like the Nautiraid Greenlander and the Folbot Cooper, has a frame assembled entirely outside the skin, then inserted into the skin, where it is tensioned by a device in the frame's stern, then sealed in the skin with some arrangement toward the latter part of the assembly for the cockpit coaming's attachment.

I've been pretty happy with my E68, although it is somewhat heavy. On calm days, I've paddled about 20 to 25 mile round-day-trips on Tennessee lakes. I've taken to keeping the boat assembled and car-topping, as assembly in 85 dripping humid degrees at 6:30 am on a Tennessee summer morning tends to reduce my overall joy in the activity of paddling. Same reduction in joy on 25 degree winter mornings.

On this forum, there's a guy selling a red Nautiraid Greenlander, and if I were looking for a wood-framed relatively skinny single kayak, I'd probably buy that one. I'd probably buy it today, except it's just not in the current budget.

But remember, my opinions are those of a guy whose only single kayak has been the E68, and I paddle in almost total isolation down here in SMT.

Ralph will be able to give you good information when you get in touch with him.


Re: E68/Single 200 -> Se2005

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:42 am
by weimar
Hello Christov, thanks for reply and the info on the E68.

I'll try and get Ralph via email as I'm a long way south and it's
difficult and expensive to get a call through during business hours.

I'll have a look at the Nautiraid thta is being advertised.


Tim W

Re: E68/Single 200 -> Se2005

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:30 am
by Michael
Hallo Tim!
E65, E68/Single 2000 and SE 2005 are complete different boats.
The E65 is the new Version built in better materials and better craftmanship of the former DDR-E65-single-seater (now with hinges for the rear "Bordwände" / length parts).
The Single 2000 was built since 2000 and was called E68 in America.
This boat had a long opening on the rear deck closed by an alloy profile for easier assembly.
In 2005 the SE 2005 was introduced. SE means Sporteiner (=sport single seater).
This boat is also a new construction, but with its wooden frame and beautyfull coaming one of the nicest folding kayaks built since the war (my own subjective opinion).
The SE 2005 has only a short zipper (approx. 20 or 25cm) on the rear deck, which is needed to connect the coaming with the skin.
The 2 sponsons for easy assembly are really little and not so clumsy as you can see them in an Aerius.
Some people say that it doesn´t have enough storage-volume for long trips, but I don´t think so.


(Thousend of times we said to the Pouchers, that it´s idiotical to name their boats after the date of inventing, because an only 3 years old construction seems to be oldfashioned for the customer. But now it seems that they make a change for the name of their newest construction)

Re: E68/Single 200 -> Se2005

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:08 pm
by weimar
Hello Michael, thanks for the comprehensive reply.

Do you have any idea if the E68/Single 2000 is still available
or has it been discontinued?

It looks like almost the perfect folding single from the specifications
and photos.

Tim W

Re: E68/Single 200 -> Se2005

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:41 pm
by Michael
Pouch doesn´t build the Single 2000 anymore. I think the last ones were selled by the "factory" in spring 2006.
Maybe there are some boats lying in the racks of some dealers, but I don´t believe it.
Pouch will not build a few of them for a little crowd of enthusiasts. They didn´t have done it with their Eskimo either, though this was a great boat with a few faults caused by a little lack of development (too much initial stability and painful sitting, but on the other hand it was a real kayak with a high speed which was manoevring nearly neutrally even at stronger winds - the opposite of the Khatsalano).
Viele Grüße