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 Post subject: Finally Named It
PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:45 pm 
Finally named the RZ 96 - Great Blue Heron. These birds are ubiquitous around here, large, lumberingly graceful.
Latin name is Ardea Herodias, but I always think of Herod's brother's wife and Salome, even though it may be roughly translated as, "Come (or is it, 'go?') See."



Had some qualms about using a bird name - you know, albatross supposed to be an ill-omened thing, and so forth. I guess I have enough dna derived from the Italian peninsula to regard things I see in nature, particularly birds, as potential portents (sp?). Read about the Roman general whose legion's ceremonial chickens wouldn't eat prior to a campaign, and who said, "Well then, let them drink," whereupon he ordered them thrown, in their cages, into the Tiber. Of course, his army was routed, and he, I think, may've been numbered among the dead. Very sad.

So I went with the bird's common name the sound of which I like better, anyway.

I'd thought about naming the zweier "Dr. Henry McCoy," in obvious reference to the intelligent, gentlemanly, but blue and beast-like X-Man character, but Kelsey Grammer (sp?) spoiled that for me. It would've been a little like naming the vessel, "Frasier." Although, to be fair to Mr. Grammer, while watching the X-Men movie, I did not find myself thinking I was watching Grammer play Frasier playing Beast

Anyway, thought I'd share the solution to the conundrum that's been vexing me since sometime in July or August.


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