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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:50 pm 
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Since the Quest assembly instructions aren't on yet I requested them via email. They promptly sent me the file, so I thought I'd post the instructions here. What little feedback I've found from owners of this model indicates that it's somewhat complicated, but to me assembly looks pretty simple and straight-forward. I'd also like to use this tip for feedback, suggestions, etc. [Note: These instructions have cinched it - I'll be saving up money this winter for a Quest 155.]

Here are the instructions for the Quest 155 (I assume it's more or less the same for the Quest 135):

1. Unpack the Quest from its bag, stretch out the black hull skin and assemble all the shock corded rods. There should be five. The two longest rods are the gunwales. The rod with plastic clips attached is the keel. The two mid-length rods are air tube support rods.

2. The gunwale rods are installed by sliding them into channels at the top of the hull skin on each side, starting from the bow. Note: Slide in the gunwale end with a black end plug. Slide both gunwales in as far as they will go. The gunwales can be tightened in the skin. Lift the free end of the bow stem so it pivots up and forward. This will move forward the two rod ends connected to the stem. Connect the rod ends to the gunwale ends and turn the bow stem back to its position
in the hull. The rod ends and gunwales should form straight rods.

3. Connect the keel rod to the bow and stern stems (the keel is symmetrical so it makes no difference which end is forward and the stems have narrow ends that fit into the ends of the keel rod). Note that one joint near the center of the keel is flexible and forms a hinge.

4. Lay out the U-shaped cross ribs next to the Quest with the narrowest near 4. Lay out the U-shaped cross ribs next to the Quest with the narrowest near the ends and the widest at the center (size and shape are identical in bow and stern). Please note that the openings in the gunwale channels 22 inches (55 cm) from the bow end are for the short rods shown in point #6. Each cross rib is connected at 3 points – at the keel and each gunwale. First pay attention to the connection to the keel. The plastic clip at the center of the cross rib has an open side. The open side should face into the latch clip that is attached to the keel (if it does not, please turn the cross rib around 180 degrees).

5. The plastic clips that connect the cross ribs to the gunwales have a locking function. To unlock, turn the locking sleeve so that the locking “wing” points into the boat at about 45 degree angle. Insert the top of the cross rib through an opening in the gunwale channel and clip it to the gunwale. Repeat on the opposite side of the Quest. Clip the center to the keel rod and secure with the elastic band (the keel rod will not be straight at first, but it straightens as you install more cross ribs). Lock the clips at the tops of the rib by turning the locking sleeve so that it is aligned with the side of the Quest. Install the rest of the cross ribs the same way.

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