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Re: New Ladoga II advanced

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rasmusmoller wrote: It seems there are 1.4 and 1.6 m2 models - which one do you have? - and do you have a jib too? and leeboard?
I have the 1.6 m2 model with jib and of course leedboard
i have learn to control the direction of my kayak by changing the leedboard angle. I suppose a big rudder would help a lot.

I am just afraid about suddenly strong side winds and possible fall down of the kayak at the side but i suppose that at this situation i will put down the sail before that happen

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Re: New Ladoga II advanced

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You should be ok in most conditions with the 1.6 M2 with the 29.5" beam of your Ladoga. If conditions get really gusty you can always reef. Be patient, learning to sail is a lifelong endeavor! You may also want to practice self-rescue. Experience is what you get when things don't go the way you expected.

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rasmusmoller wrote:Hi,

I live in Denmark, and I just received my Ladoga II Advanced. I also got their upwind sail and outriggers. I have made the first assembly - pain in the @*%¤#¤ - requires superhuman force, manual is very bad, but the construction is otherwise simple, very robust and nice looks. I can't wait to get out and try it - I'll be back then with my experiences.

Rasmus Møller
Hi Rasmus!

I live in Germany, and I'm planning to buy the Ladoga I Advanced (2012) soon. I already have a rig from Kayaksailor (with foresail) which I use for my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160. But now I'm looking for something more "mobile" for traveling etc. For a moment I had thought about buying the original sailing kit for the Ladoga (the one you have), but it looks to me as if the sail can not be reefed or easily removed while on the water which I find is a bad thing when the wind is getting stronger/too strong. With the Kayaksailor I can simply reef or fold away the sail altogether.
But I'm interested in outriggers. Currently I'm thinking about the inflatable outriggers from Hobie (Hobie Sidekick Ama) since I assume that that outriggers from Triton can not be obtained separately but only together with the sail …

What are your thoughts on the sailing kit? Aren't you afraid that the wind might become too strong while you're (far) away from the shore?

Thanks a lot for your insight :-)

Best regards,

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Re: New Ladoga II advanced

Post by DLee »

Hi Jurgen, I have the Hobie outrigger system and have only used it a couple times in very mild weather. But, I think it seems and feels like a really good setup and I have high hopes for it. I'm using it on my Klepper T9 with the 1.6 Kayaksailor. This is a very tippy boat with the sail on it and practically unusable for sailing without the outriggers I believe. Mounting is tricky but once you figure it out for your specific boat the system works great. I'm going to try using this on my Klepper AII as well with the full sail rig... sometimes you just don't feel like being blown over... nice to have an option.

Depending on mounting ability the Flat Earth sails seem like the might be the most portable on the market and easily raised and lowered while out on the water. I think they can be reefed as well. Might be worth a look.

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Re: New Ladoga II advanced

Post by rasmusmoller »

Hello Jürgen,

I have the Triton outriggers, and they work just fine as outriggers wrt. speed and stability. I am sure you can get them and/or thr Triton sail separately from e.g. out-trade and it might very well be the cheaper option. I am never unsafe with the outriggers on. I have the Ladoga II with the bigger sail (3.5m2). You'd get the slightly smaller sail for Ladoga I.

For me it is not a safety question - with the outriggers it is possible to stand up and take out the mast (mine is 4.5m !) and dismantle it. It won't tip you over in high winds either, but it would slow you down a lot, if you left it free while paddling against the wind.

The sailing is quite fun, but I am a little annoyed with it anyway. The Ladoga spraydeck is not customized for mast or outriggers, and it means that I have to leave the velcro open several places, as well as letting the mast through the front manhole. Whenever there is enough wind to really have fun, there will be waves enough to splash here and there, getting the front paddler/passenger extra wet and getting salt water inside the boat. For paddling, the outriggers are annoying, too.

If you already have a KayakSailor sail, I really think you should try fitting it to the Ladoga I - chances are that it will work at least as well as your other kayak.

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