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 Post subject: Re: das boot!
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:02 pm 
Springwalker wrote:
The unknown parts you had asked for, as i can see from here, they are the seats of a Klepper folding kayak.
regards, Frank
---thats what i was thinking. My grandfather purchased two boats at the time, the pionier and a klepper. im unsure of the make of the klepper as it is packed away in the depths of my grandmothers pack rat belongings in New Hampshire. Since pictures of my recent endeavor's my uncle has expressed interest and will most likely acquire the boat.

I would like to know how the skin has held up all these years. its been packed in a cylindrical shipping container for 30+ years, and has undergone a few moves back and forth from Az to Nh. One extreme to the other! I foresee cracks on the folds. but i could be wrong. As for the seats, thats a good excuse for a visit to my uncle!

thanks for the info guys! i know its been awhile, been sidetracked.

 Post subject: Re: das boot!
PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:15 am 
Brotherhood of the Golden Paddle

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Wow, what a beauty. Love the look with those sails up! That's a lot of sail as well!

I started my sailing with the jib only. I think it was a pretty good way to start. Didn't heel the boat too much and was very easy to drop all the wind instantly. Then I moved to the main only, the small main. That added another dimension but surprisingly less speed than the jib alone. On the third day I tried jib and main and that was just a blast. I now sail with the full rig in my Klepper AII and find it pretty easy to keep upright in most winds on a mild lake. As a matter of fact I needed to rock the thing to actually get it to capsize for reentry excersize (with sail).

If you do sail, be aware that a capsize may completely invert the boat. That's what mine did. So, keep that in mind. Any simple book on sailing will be enough information for sailing a kayak. Try to find a beginners book that focuses on actual sail usage in relation to wind and the boat. You just don't need all that other stuff that most sailing books are filled with.

I don't know what that stern sail would be called but you sure wouldn't want it up on a windy day. On a day with a light breeze however, as I imagine many in Arizona are - I bet it would be great fun and that there would be very little paddling to do.

Boy, this is a real gem. As a photographer I think it would be very worthwhile to find someone that could make some really nice pictures of this boat out on the water - for both the historical and aesthetic aspect. I'm envisioning Lake Powell, a touch before golden hour . . .

Beautiful, congratulations.


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 Post subject: Re: das boot!
PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:02 am 
Stern mast is called "mizzen" but you don't need it in heavy winds, especially when the boat is loaded lightly and therefore is unstable.

The problem of securing the rudder (from getting lost) is naturally resolved by 2 lines: rudder lifting line and so-called "rudder downhaul line" (usually a bungee) used to keep the rudder from "floating up" at high sailing speeds.

 Post subject: Re: das boot!
PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:42 pm 
Well been busy for a while, boat has been in the shed since last summer. Been itching to take her out for a while. And great news! I just got back from a 36 day voyage from Bocas Del Torro, Panama to Tampa Fl. Delivery of a 43 foot Irwin sail yacht. logged 1600 miles of blue water sailing, learned a heck of a lot and had a blast!. Spent a lot of time during my watches daydreaming about coming back and setting my little boat under sail! i now understand sail function and procedure, so im feeling very confident. I cant wait! Picnics with the ol lady after a sail to one of the little islands on the lake.

Thanks dlee and alm! Pictures are for sure!

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