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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:50 am 
As some of you know · we sold a series of boats from Clear Blue Hawaii, up until this spring. Primarily a model ( now discontinued ) based on Pakboat´s Puffin.

Just like the Pakboat original – the Clear Blue Hawaii boats have suffered from a series of leaking air chambers/sponsons, due to material failure and micro-perforations.

On behalf of our customers that ended up with these boats – the last sold spring of 2009 – we have filed warranty claims with Clear Blue Hawaii, asking for replacement chambers.

After a long string of correspondence, the manufacturer Clear Blue Hawaii has refused to honor their warranty on their product, in spite of the fact that the problem with faulty air chambers are widely known.

This is a heads up to any of you owning or thinking to purchase a product from Clear Blue Hawaii: Be aware of the warranty on these products, and don´t expect the company to stand behind their products, if anything goes wrong.

Morten B
Avventuri Adventure Gear

PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:49 am 
I have also had problems with the company Clear blue Hawaii. I would like to warn others. Never pay up front to this company. Their way of doing business and company policies are after my opinion, not serious. I ordered the Kukaiau and Makapala paddles in different lengths and versions. I trusted the company and paid up front 21.10 2010. Now, 25.02 2011, after 4 months they claim for the third time the paddles are ready for shipment. They have been very difficult to communicate with. I have sent a lot of mails, but got very few answers. However, I have been promised three times that paddles are ready during this frustrating time. At least two of theese promises are not true. I do not trust the third eiter. Mail copies: 18/11 2010 "your paddles are still under production; they should be ready by the 29th this month and shipped to you once they are finished." 25/01 2011 "The paddles should be arriving at your door by next week" 23/02 2011 "paddles are in their way." I have tried to get my money back, but they refuse this because of their own "company policies": 25/02 "Regarding money refund, our company policies states we charge you back 70% of the total amount and this will become valid after 180 business day."

Halvor Torgersen

PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:08 am 
I gave up the communication with them now. I got answers to other customers complain mail in return. It looks like there exist others with problems, and they are mixing up people when answering customers who complains. I got this in reply "Hi Soren, I replied yesterday, see below.". And I am not Soren??? It looks like they do not have control.

Heres another complaining customer:
"They had a delay in recieving this years inventory. I just had to force them to refund me a $1200 deposit because they didnt deliver ontime. " ... hp?t=78195.

It looks like my moneys lost.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:00 pm 
If I'm not mistaken, their clear kayaks use unsupported polymer film for skin (i.e. no fabric substrate). I would stay away from this kind of material on a foldable kayak. Very few manufacturers tried this, usually with poor results. Boat builder Tom Yost tried unsupported clear film on some of his wooden frame kayaks - but my understanding is that this was more like a stunt, and his preference has been regular opaque PVC laminated fabric.

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