Greenland Paddle Drip Rings

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Greenland Paddle Drip Rings

Post by tialloydragon »

Has anyone tried using drip rings on your greenland paddles? I just ordered a two piece carbon fiber GP from Superiorkayaks and a two piece GP from Foxworx, and I wanted to know if euro drip rings will stretch enough to get them up over the shoulder and onto the blades of the paddle (i would be putting them on before I put the two pieces together)?

I'm thinking about either buying drip rings or designing my own, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Kheya Shunka

Post by Kheya Shunka »

Standard euro style would impede your hand sliding movements around the paddle. I don't keep my hands in a static position for very long stretches.

There is a drip ring method where cord is tied on with a strings hanging off and the drips will be directed off the string tip. Your hands can still slide past the string.

I put my hands in the water about every stroke so if it's really cold I use neo mittens over neo gloves. Sort of like non attached pogies.

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