where to buy Greenland paddles?

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peter macf

where to buy Greenland paddles?

Post by peter macf »

Hi Folks....

Somewhere on this forum I read a post that mentioned a maker of Greenland paddles that are cheaper than the Feathercraft carries ...I can't seem to find that post again, however...Can anyone tell me where to order a well made GP that does not cost a fortune? Many thanks...



Post by Alm »

There are some single-piece GP cheaper than 2-piece FC Klatwa, but if you are planning to travel with your kayak, you need a 2-piece paddle. From time to time I check the prices when something comes up, and so far the Klatwa has been the cheapest 2-piece model. There are some very nice US-made composite 2-piece models, more expensive than Klatwa. Now $CDN is rising, so may be US 2-piece models will eventually become cheaper than Klatwa.


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Pretty much the same as the Klatwa in design. Very good quality. My fiance paddles with it and loves it.

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Post by tsunamichuck »

Don Beale http://www.bealepaddles.com/ used to make a 2 piece. I have a 1 piece and it is much nicer paddle than the Klatwa and custom made for you.
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