BendingBranches wood paddle

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BendingBranches wood paddle

Post by biojsn »

I am considering buying a BendingBranches wood paddle. The model is TAILWIND EVENING DRIPLESS. But just how dripless are they? I mean is it just good marketing or what?

Kapitän von Klepper

Post by Kapitän von Klepper »

I seem to get just as many drips as any other asymmetric paddle, but I love the way mine feels and it's a constant source of conversation out on the water. For my AE II I have 2 matching 240 cms which is about right for the beam of this boat and for my AE I, I have a 220 cm "twilight". It's blades are much narrower, but it's much more comfortable than the longer 240 for this narrower boat. Tsunamichuck managed to convert me to shorter paddles on an outing we did together, but I still love the look of wood on a wood framed boat! If I had an aluminum boat, I might try composite material.
The BB paddles are wonderful, well built paddles, but just a bit heavier than some of the other options.



Re: BendingBranches wood paddle

Post by Springwalker »

I've got the BendingBranches Journey 240cm, which does look the same. I use it with my double Pouch RZ-85. Great paddle, i think there's no better one available!

regards, Frank

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