Bamboo spare paddle?? needs a handle

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Bamboo spare paddle?? needs a handle

Post by pinetar »

I really like bamboo & do have various pieces on hand. I cut a base in half, attempting to create a spare paddle. it needs a little clean up and a handle. I might rivet a piece of mahogonay on the back as a handle.

Open to ideas. I also cut a cup holder that needs some bungee cord.


Re: Bamboo spare paddle?? needs a handle

Post by Doyle »

I guess there's no reason that the bamboo couldn't work as a spare paddle. But...

There's something to be said in favor of your spare being as "normal" as possible, since it's a piece of safety equipment. If you're ever in a situation where you actually need your spare, it's likely in conditions that are less than ideal for learning any quirks of a the bamboo or other non-standard paddle. (I'm basing that on the theory that it's tough to lose your primary paddle in benign conditions). As an analogy, I'm sure I could design a working life jacket out of duct tape and bubble wrap, but it might not be my first choice if I actually NEEDED a life jacket.

I think it could be fun to play around with making a paddle from different materials, and seeing how it behaves, but I might use such a paddle just as a curiosity, and go with a very standard 2-piece as my actual spare.

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