More old Klepper Paddles to date

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More old Klepper Paddles to date

Post by dimwittedmoose »

Have these in the back porch. 12 halves and maybe they match somehow. Seen their better days for sure, but it the Azali is 30-40 yr. old, these muct be WWii or thereabouts, right???

Thanks in advance for any ID help and/or carbon

ebay11.13 013.JPG
ebay11.13 012.JPG
ebay11.13 011.JPG

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Re: More old Klepper Paddles to date

Post by kayakolyte »

I acquired two pairs of these paddles to add to my collection of old folders. One pair, with no manufacturers label (The one with the black rubber drip rings) is 101 inches long. Judging from the length and construction, I think it is a very old pair. I'm guessing that these will go well as contemporary paddles with my 1929 Klepper Vagabund.

The other pair has the old Klepper flag logo and has a beveled shaft at the attachment to the spoon, so I'm guessing they are from the 50's or early 60's (I'm not sure when Klepper changed from beveled to smooth shaft, nor do I know when they stopped using the flag logo on their wooden paddles).

I've looked all over the internet and at many pictures of old paddles to try and determine exact age. Ursula and Christian Altenhofer's book: Der Hadernkahn has a description of paddle characteristics according to age (Apparently I cannot upload a copy of this page from my computer, but anyone interested can contact me directly for this information). Unfortunately, the information in Der Hadernkahn is not specific enough to accurately date the paddles shown in Dimwittedmouse's entry.

If anyone has more specifics on how to date these and other old paddles, such information would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: More old Klepper Paddles to date

Post by dimwittedmoose »

Thanks. The Klepper Azali blades are still a mystery though....and they've never been used!!

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