4-piece paddle reccomendations?

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Re: 4-piece paddle reccomendations?

Post by FadedRed »

Hi packcamera

I read your post several times and still am not quite sure what it is you want....the paddle can't weight 2 pounds or else it's considered a rec paddle?

I don't understand the statement that "has less features than a $200 2-piece"

it actually sounds like what you want is the variable feathered 4 piece crankshaft that lendal made. (other that the 2 lb weight makes you think it must be a rec paddle)

many of these paddles can be found used from time to time.

And now that the Deal is completed, will be purchaseable new, in the not too distant future.

other wise Werner also makes their paddles in a 4 piece configuration on special order.

Best Wishes


Re: 4-piece paddle reccomendations?

Post by larrybluhm »

I used a Lendal Kinetic Tour for years and recently switched to a Northern Light 3 piece Greenland. Both fit nicely into my boat bag. On the other hand, neither are inexpensive.

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Re: 4-piece paddle reccomendations?

Post by Apathizer »

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the 'Ray' series by Aqua Bound. They aren't high end, but are a great value for $150-200 paddles. I have 4-piece carbon fiber-nylon Manta Ray, and there's a 'Ray' model to fit just about any size paddler or style. Even though I'm a slightly below average size male (5'9", 160 pds), I got the Manta because I tend to prefer higher-angle paddling.

While the CF-nylon models aren't quite as light as full CF models, they're more durable and still pretty light.

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