Werner 4 piece Kalliste and Athena

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Werner 4 piece Kalliste and Athena

Post by xeniv23 »

I have a Werner 230 4 piece Athena that I like. I also have a Werner 2 piece 240 Kalliste that works well in a Klepper double. My question is would the blade from a Werner 220 4 piece Kalliste be interchangeable with the Athena so you could just switch blades to increase the number of gears you have to deal with anything from downhill cruising to grinding it out against strong headwinds. Appreciate any thoughts or comments.

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Re: Werner 4 piece Kalliste and Athena

Post by Jaybyrd »

Doubt it, but I'd just call Werner. The only completely interchangeable blade on a paddle shaft I know of is Lendal. Course ... they've been resold and are now ridiculously $$$.
But if you can find an older model -- especially the all carbon composite 4 piece ones that were made in Scotland -- well they were about the best touring paddle ever made.

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Re: Werner 4 piece Kalliste and Athena

Post by gbellware »

...and I know the approximate location of a free Lendal 4-piece composite touring paddle. It is somewhere in the marsh on the east side of the inlet at Cedar Island. That is where it went after being washed overboard my kayak last year. Sorry to hijack the thread, but you struck a sore nerve!
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