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PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:22 am 
recent arrival

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Hi folks
First post.
In looking at both the Thaya and the Seawave, is it just a case of current limitations that you can't make a "keel" like the Seawave has that it doesn't have the high pressure floor?
Or why doesn't the Thaya have a rudder and attachment points that the Seawave has if they seem to kind of do the same thing? Or do they?
In time would all kayaks have high pressure bits for more efficiency or are there good reasons apart from cost to stay at a couple of psi rather than 10? If a Sea Eagle Razorlite came out in 2015 there doesn't seem much take up of high pressure drop stitching? A high pressure drop stitch throughout Seawave would surely be awesome?!

More directly, what does a Seawave do that a Thaya won't?

Any info appreciated :)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:53 am 
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Gumotex are quite late to the dropstitch party. I think it might have slightly wrongfooted the 'traditional' manufacturers like Grabner, Aire, Gumotex etc. Anyway, it seems like you can shape it - check out Decathlon's Itiwit X500 - but I'm guessing it's way cheaper to make if you don't.

The Seawave is designed as a sea kayak. In France, it's certified to be paddled 6km (I think) offshore so comes equipped with various lashing points for gear and a rudder rather than a skeg (I don't know why. Perhaps you can set the rudder at a particular angle to counter wind from a particular quarter). The Thaya is essentially a dropstitch floor version of their Solar, which is a perfectly competent recreational boat and a development of/replacement for their longstanding but now discontinued Sunny model. Chris S's blog ( documents his experiences with a Sunny for a number of years and latterly with a Seawave.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:16 am 
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As always, onsafari has summed it up well.

Though prices seem similar (actually SW $200 less from Innova) a Thaya is a rec boat (like the Solar it is based on).
The Seawave is a conventional IK with an I-beam floor (essentially small ΓΈ joined up parallel tubes) which is 40cm longer and a more serious boat suited to the sea. A deck and rudder are optional. (I tried both but do without).
At 11cm wider, the Thaya is better suited to rivers with the dog and kids. No options as above.
Also, at 0.25 bar, the Seawave is already a relatively high-pressure boat and the round sides can take more (a mod I have done).
The Thaya tubes will be normal 0.2 bar but of course the flat D/S floor compensates for rigidity.

As mentioned, the more sophisticated hull profile of the Decathlon Iwitit is taking it to the next stage with D/S IKs, but I read some are finding them a bit tippy.

More directly, what does a Seawave do that a Thaya won't?

being longer and slimmer, it goes faster. At sea that can be important. In a river current, less so and may even be a hindrance in rapids.


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