A boat for a tall one

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I just want to add that I use my Klondike in solo and double configuration (paddling solo however) most of the time and it really works great for my body size.



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thanks for all your comments. I will try as soon as possible to try kayaks. Maybe during my next visit to Germany. You're right when you say that I have to test it first. But I don't like to go somewhere with no information at all. Some advice may guide you to look things from a different angle. So you can't choose something not fitting with what you want. Users know better ther sellers.

Will keep you inform. But any other input is welcome.

See you


A Boat For A Tall One

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The major issue is less length than foot size. I'm only 6'3" with long legs but my shoe size is 49 Europen - 14 to 15 US. For 40 years I have happily paddled my Klepper AE II as both a single and a double with the ruddr pedals set in front of the 4th rib. It was only when I tried to keep up with the rest of the paddlers preparing for the 2003 Great Hudson River Paddle in hardshells 10 inches narrower than my boat that I realized I might enjoy a more efficient craft when going it alone.

But then there were the feet to contend with. They didn't fit under any deck that I tried. I was almost a the point of buying a large volume hardshell when I happened upon the Elesmere 530 (see my entry in Asian boats) and have been sharing my paddling lif between the the two boats ever since.


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From the Ellesmere description in that article of Aug 2005 it appears that this is something similar to both Folbot Cooper (zipper and aluminum ribs) and Feathercraft K1 (may be Russian Ladoga1 as well), but probably foredeck is higher. The problem with less common brands is unreliable local dealers network. The example with REI is typical. Somebody is trying to start importing, people don't know and don't buy much, and eventually dealer gives up (even if the brand itself is still available; not all the new brands survive as business, unfortuntely). Google didn't fetch any links on this boat. Any photos anywhere?

PS: - in Feathercrafts vinyl tubings of rudder cables are left permanently threaded trhough the hull. I don't think that those holes on the FC stern deck are completely watertight around vinyl tubing of rudder cables, but I have never heard of any problems with that.


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I also live in CH, and before I baught my puffing II
I've been emailing shop owners around here (not that there are many of them), and one of them answered that on 14th of May they will have a folding boats demonstration/festival in bern. So if you haven't baught your kayak yet, you may be interested.

here's what the guy said about the event:
(links to the swiss boat shops are also here)


for your information, on 14.th of may, we do have a testival in bern with
only foltable boats. there will be about 5 different brand names there.
perhaps you have time to come to bern for testing. we have ally and puffins.

about the kites: i do have delivery problems from the usa. so i do get some
from germany in the next weeks.
i will let you more about them so soon i have tested them with the kajak.

greetings patrick

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