Tahiti and French Polynesia

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Tahiti and French Polynesia

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We're looking at visiting Tahiti in 2018. I'm finding little info on line about kayak or outrigger canoe rentals, programs, etc. Haven't been there since the 90's and, at that time, didn't find it easy accessing rental boats. I always swore I'd have my own boat the next time. Now's the "next time", but I sense bringing a paddle-craft to Tahiti is a little like carrying coal to Newcastle. In spite of the "pirogue" and canoe racing culture there, however, our family there knows little about paddling in the lagoons. Does anyone here have any insights into the canoe/kayak rental situation there? We'll spend a month on the main island, and a week or two in Rangiroa. I'd like access to a kayak or C1 w/outrigger (no experience with, but interested in getting some). Options I've considered are bringing a Puffin, a Quest, or even an inflatable SUP board, none of which I own at present! Ideas?

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