Should I buy kayak this season or the next?

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Should I buy kayak this season or the next?

Post by omr »

Hey all,

So I have been considering to buy the Narak Cross 405 for a while now and kind of finalized with it. Have heard some great reviews and find it the appropriate kayak to do some river tours and maybe try some easy coastal kayaking in the future.

I was just about to purchase it and thought that I won't be kayaking that often in the winter (I live in Amsterdam). Plus I just joined a club so I can actually go on tours with them in the winter as well.

Would you think it is wise wait a season and see if a newer model of a crossover kayak is released? Or is this world quite slow, so I should just go for it and get used to it till next summer?

Thanks for your input,


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Re: Should I buy kayak this season or the next?

Post by Jeremiah »

Things are slow, as you said, in the folding kayak world with fewer options to choose from. Nautiraid has expanded their Narak line but its doubtful they will add another anytime soon. There are other pros and cons in this argument but if the Cross 405 is the one you feel is right for you it would be fun to tinker with it in your home/apartment during the winter months, practicing assembly, packing, seat comfort adjustments, figuring what accessories you'll need, etc. And with a break in the weather you could scratch that kayaking itch. Good luck with your decision!

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Re: Should I buy kayak this season or the next?

Post by voyageur »

Just go for it. Trust your feelings.
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