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PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 12:11 pm 

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Hi: I'm looking at older doubles (economic reasons) and am finding more Klepper Aerius 2s than anything else. No offense, but I like them over Folbots for aftermarket hulls and the ease for me of repairing wood bits. I'm not that familiar with others beside feather craft, longhaul, and Nautiraid.

Question on hulls, somewhat analogous to auto engine timing belts- Time vs. Miles. How does Hypalon (mostly what I'm seeing) sitting in a dark bag with little or no use, hold up compared to a similar age hull with constant use? Wear and Tear would be nil, but chemical breakdown of the materials? I'm trying to decide how soon I might need a new hull if I purchase an older frame (1980s and newer). Possibly a new hull along with frame rod rubbers and other bits. I am trying to make an informed decision on new vs old.

Some used ones I see are no brainers- new hull for sure. Others need new hull and frame work. It's the ones with the old hulls that look almost like new that I'm concerned about. I'm seeing some that are in the NOS (new old stock) category. Since the hull appears very good, the expectation for the seller is high, although one I'm loocking at is 25 years old and appears to have never been out of its box. The option is factoring in $1500-2000 for a new hull, or saving for a new Longhaul or Nautiraid and know what I'm getting. In Annapolis, Cheaspeake Light Craft, a seller of very nice kit wooden small boats/kayaks with building classes around the country, is now the US Nautiraid importer. I have a call in to see what there're doing and waiting for pricing. Apparently they haven't got a handle yet on the shipping cost from France. Sounds like they are possibly going to take orders and drop ship to customers not able to make it to Annapolis.

Thanks for any advice, Bob

Bob Skillman, Ellicott City MD,USA

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:11 pm 
lord high faltbotmeister

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Just my $.02, and from experience with both hypalon and rubber Kleppers...
The rubber hulls will degrade no matter how they are handled or treated, the rubber dries/cracks/crazes/gets gummy and stiff. If you find a rubber hull that looks decent you should not expect it to last more than a few years...after all, it is already at least 35 years old. Hypalon, on the other hand, is nearly indestructible. It is impervious to salt water and most contaminants it will come in contact with. I think that ozone is its biggest enemy but even that won't have a chance to hurt a hull that has seen average use. Hypalon was originally designed as a commercial roofing material, made to withstand 20+ years of sun and weather. It was NOT designed to withstand cutting and abrading, and an older hull will usually see some of that kind of wear. If you don't mind patches then you can usually make do. For my money I would have no problem buying an older hypalon skin, as long as the canvas was in good shape. Hope that helps,

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:07 pm 
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What gbellware said. Occasional treatment with 303 will help protect Hypalon from oxidation.

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