4-piece paddle as airline carry-on?

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4-piece paddle as airline carry-on?

Post by berniem »

Has anyone tried to bring a 4-piece paddle as airline carry-on recently? They don't fit into the allowable size carry-on luggage. Last year I had no trouble with walking sticks going to Europe but coming back I was not allowed even though same airline. I am looking into 5-piece paddles but the only one that seems decent is by SRS.

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Re: 4-piece paddle as airline carry-on?

Post by idc »

I haven't tried, but if you include the UK as Europe, my experience is that our airports, airlines and immigration/border security do everything they can to make flying a truly unpleasant experience. Thankfully we can still reach the continent by train and ferry.

I hope someone else can provide a more helpful reply. :)

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