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Post by mjlucky »

Hi All, This is mjlucky. I have been around boats all my life but never a folding kayak. A guy in my neighborhood put a Folbot on the curb because it had some bent frames. I straightened them and look forward to adventures in the Texas rivers , lakes and the Gulf of Mexico around Houston.
My curb boat didn't have a seat so if anyone could share how a seat attaches to the fame that would be helpful. Also, I don't know what model I have
but it has this number,FLB 02940B909 and has a red deck. Thanks for any info.

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Re: Introductions

Post by Yakadoodle »

I'd say you got Lucky!
The kayak was built in Sept. 2009 from the last 3 digits of the hull number.
The length of a Folbot is a good indication of the model:
17' Long is a Greenland II, cockpit 22" wide x 110" Long(I think).
15' Long is a Kodiak, cockpit 18" wide x ?.
13' Long is a Yukon, cockpit 20" wide x ?
12'Long is an Aleut ,

Here is a good site with some more info. ... t.html?i=1

Btw, Welcome to the forum!
"Yakadoodle" ...I had to come up with some name since Steve already stole my name! :lol:

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Re: Introductions

Post by JohnSand »

Hi Lucky, welcome aboard!
Great find! My seats attack to the bottom tubes with velcro, and to the cockpit coaming with a strap. In another double paddle canoe, I use a folding camp style cushion with some line behind it.

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Re: Introductions

Post by mjlucky »

Thanks for the response to my intro. The info is already in play. Look forward to future reads. mj

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Re: Introductions

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

The company has a couple of folding/inflatable kayak seats on sale in their "Closeouts" section at the moment. Their shipping costs are a bit high (at least for me but I'm in the Northeast and they are in California. Might be able to modify either of them by stitching on straps and/or velcro.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Jake »

Cascade Creek sells their Yak Pad for $49.95 and it looks like better quality than the Airkayak product and there is no additional cost for shipping. Worth a look.

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