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Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:37 pm
by KentI
I'm back after a long absence (retired, moved, remodeled two houses, and so flies by), and took a look at my previous posts. Apparently back then I had acquired an original Nautiraid Greenlander (16' long and about 24" beam), which was Nautiraid's stab at making an actual folding Greenland kayak, food it to be a pretty nice, good handling boat, and was making plans to replicate it for my wife, when I got a good deal on a Trak 1600 and bought it for her birthday instead. The Trak handled it perfectly, the Nautiraid did stuck side to the wind and was almost impossible to turn down the shore. It wasn't a dangerous situation, and I was never in danger of capsize, but I ended up essentially paddling straight across the waves until I got close enough to shore to turn it down wind. So It's a nice boat for calm conditions but not so hot in a high wind.
Anyway, the Nautiraid went back in the closet and we bought another Trak. Fast forward a few years, and we've gone from kayak camping gear to a large tent to a small motorhome, and trying to carry two Traks and two bicycles is turning out to be a challenge. We met someone with an Oru when we were doing the spring fed rivers in FL, and watched her take it apart and pop it in the trunk. The size and shape of the finished package seems to fit our storage needs a lot better, so we are now considering making a complete transition. So the search for the perfect boat goes on.