Hi from Arizona!

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Hi from Arizona!

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Hello everyone! My name is Bob. I am 71 years old. I live in Camp Verde, AZ. I am fairly new to kayaking. lol I had the good fortune to buy four folding kayaks at an estate sale about a year ago. I knew none of the particulars about them. Nor how enjoyable folding kayaking was to become to me.

Well, two are Klepper Aerius 2's, and two are Pouch RZ85's. All were supposed to be complete, and all were to have sail kits.

Well, one Aerius 2 was complete, (which I use on at least a weekly basis, and love it), the other is older, and has a rubber skin which I haven't tried to unfold due to the fact it is so stiff, it feels like it will crack if I try to do so. I am guessing it can't be used. Other than the bad skin, it is complete.

It hasn't rained in my area for over two months. The water levels are all so very low, and getting lower. It is affecting kayaking/boating.

While I was typing this, I thought I heard thunder. Rain was not in the forecast. I had my equipment all over my yard trying to take an inventory. I had just barely enough time to get everything put away. And wow did it come down! At least an inch worth. That's unexpected good news. However, now there is a a flash flood warning for the next several hours. I hope the rain made it to Flagstaff. They have an awful fire blazing up there. The last I heard it was within 1 mile of the city. I live about 50 miles south of Flag.
No threat to me. But feel bad for them.

The Pouch RZ85's. One is complete with a good skin, and it's in decent shape with sail kit. The other is missing several pieces. Everything that would have come with the long bag. It does have all 7 ribs, rudder and controls, paddles, seats, and skin. The skin's canvas part is torn loose from the hull for about two feet, and was repaired with silver duct tape. It looks to me that like it could be re-sewn.

Anyway... that's where I am at right now.

You have a great site here. I discovered it about a month ago. It has helped me tremendously. Thanks to all.

Take care, Bob

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Re: Hi from Arizona!

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Welcome aboard Bob! What a great find.

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