New Oru paddler - London

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New Oru paddler - London

Post by Karina4 »

Hi all,

I've finally succumbed to an Oru Coast XT. Joining this forum to exchange ideas and mods to make paddling even more enjoyable.

I've paddled river boats for ages but more of my friends and peers are going on sea trips and I can't really store a solid sea boat in my garden, hence the Oru.

Maybe see some of you on the water.


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Re: New Oru paddler - London

Post by idc »

Hi and welcome. I look forward to hearing your experiences with the Oru. The origami looks very clever but I've never seen one in person.
Where do you paddle? Is the Thames open to paddlers again yet?

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Re: New Oru paddler - London

Post by JohnSand »

Welcome aboard! Be careful, have fun, keep us posted.

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Re: New Oru paddler - London

Post by Yakadoodle »

Looking forward to hearing how you like the Oru!
Welcome to the inyakity!
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Re: New Oru paddler - London

Post by Bob1nLR »

Hello from Little Rock Arkansas. I'm thinking about getting the Coaster for my daughter, whos is 5'3", seems an ideal boat for a small person who does not want to hassle with the complexity of the ribbed folders. But they seem pricey for what you get, curious to know how durable they are over time, esp the fittings.. How has storage been, and draining? I see they have parallel channels where water can intrude, that feature ruled this boat out for me in warm climate where mold and algae is likely to set up in the channels unless completely dried. I just opted for a Pacboat Quest 150, can hardly wait for it to arrive!
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