New paddler looking for a kayak

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New paddler looking for a kayak

Post by omr »

Hey, I'm a beginner paddler in Amsterdam looking to buy a folding kayak. Looking for advice and tips. I found a used Triton Ladoga 1 and looking for reviews and experiences. I also don't know how to check which version it is so it would be great to get some advice about that. Other option I am considering is the Nautiraid cross but haven't found a used one yet so not sure at all

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Re: New paddler looking for a kayak

Post by Yakadoodle »

Welcome to the Forum. Here is a thread showing some experiences with it...from Amsterdam actually!

"Yakadoodle" ...I had to come up with some name since Steve already stole my name! :lol:

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Re: New paddler looking for a kayak

Post by gbellware »

If I was starting out and looking for my first folder I would buy a used Klepper. They are readily available on your side of the pond and they are easy to manage and assemble and very robust. The market for new folders is very thin now on both the demand and supply side, with many of the prominent manufacturers either struggling or gone, so counting on any of the remaining manufacturers (I am talking about pure folders, not the emerging high quality inflatables) is an iffy proposition. That said, at least with a Klepper there is a ready market for both new and used parts for these boats.
Many people start by trying to find the perfect boat that will meet all their needs. In my experience it doesn't ever work out that way. That is why so many paddlers buy, sell, and collect until they find a fleet that works for them. If you end up going down that road you can't go wrong with a Klepper as your first foray into the sport.
Just my $.02,
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Re: New paddler looking for a kayak

Post by JohnSand »

Welcome aboard!
Gbellware's advice sounds good to me. Folbots are pretty common over here, so I read up on various models and watched for a used one at a decent price. The first I bought was just adequate, but at $200 it was an inexpensive introduction. I later bought the next larger model (I'm tall) for a little more and I'm happy with it. Both needed some small repairs but were usable as is.
Good luck with your search, keep us posted.

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Re: New paddler looking for a kayak

Post by Bob1nLR »

I am an old paddler, somewhat rusty and out of shape, looking to get a folder, maybe an old boat still good for a few more years, needs TLC and a good home. I have looked carefully at the Ora's, and while the design is interesting I'd rather have a more substantial boat. I'm near Mississippi R now, and for first time in a decade now, i can use on daily basis. I'd rather haul the lighter weight of a foldable and would like to plan trips to Carolinas, my offspring in Bellingham, maybe back to SE AK. So will be browsing the for sale postings.
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