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Intro from Southern VT

Post by SkiingSailor »

Hello everyone!

My name is Geoff and I am new to this forum and the world of folding boats and wanted to introduce my self. My better half and I live in Southern Vermont not far at all from one what is said to be the largest lake/reservoir entirely within Vermont and several other possibly great bodies of water to explore. We have both spent a ton of time on the water in our lives as we both have spent time working on various boats as a living, mostly sailing vessels. In fact she grew up on a catamaran that her father built cruising around the Caribbean and Florida. After many years of a nomadic lifestyle following the good sailing weather one thing led to another and we fell into a good thing here in Vermont and have stayed put for a couple of years. Since we are so close to such a great body of water we have kicked around the idea of getting some sort of small boat to be able to get out there and enjoy it. With the situation in the world today we have a lot more free time on our hands than normal and after an afternoon of sitting by the lake the other day this search has really gained some steam. I recalled a Klepper Passat(? perhaps) that a friend of mine acquired a number of years ago and it led me down the rabbit hole of the folding boat that can easily be transported.

Given that we are both sailors at heart we would love something that has the ability to be rigged with a sailing set up, which from the research I have done so far it looks like many can. We totally understand that sailing a smaller craft like these will be totally different than the larger boats we are most accustomed to but we both love the idea of it. I wouldn't say either of us have been truly "kayakers" in the past but have both done it occasionally. That being said we have done some canoeing together and both of us have plenty of experience rowing in dingys. After looking at this forum a bit it look like this is a wealth of knowledge and advice on this topic and any advice and input it more than welcomed.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I figured it is better to say a bit to much rather than be brief but not initiate the conversations I am hoping for. I look forward to seeing what anyone has to say and to hopefully getting out on the water on one of these great boats soon!

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Re: Intro from Southern VT

Post by Yakadoodle »

Hi & welcome to the inyakity.

Try these search pages.
The search terms "Folbot" & "folding kayak" seem to work to find the ads. It's fairly accurate as it will show ads popping up minutes after being posted.
Also, there is:
You can set up email alerts on this one and it searches craigslist, eBay and another site at the same time.

There's some good deals out there to be found. A lot of ads mention sails.
Do your research on here as well as the web because there a lot of info in the sidebars links on some of them.

Are you looking for a solo or tandem kayak?

An older less expensive Folbot would be a good "trial" boat to see if you want to get in deeper. There is change in the hull material of the Folbots that you need to be aware of because it makes patching them a real PITA. They changed from hypalon to "eviloy" rubber compound. (hypalon is also called "CSM".)
This happened in 2010 and it makes the boats between 2000 & 2010 better buy imo.
Check out "Long Haul" kayak, you might like them too!

This is a great website for Klepper sailing. If only because it's got some great pictures of Kleppers under sail! ... lbum_id=31
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Re: Intro from Southern VT

Post by JohnSand »

Hello Geoff, welcome!
I'm also a long time sailor and now folding boat owner. Folbot also built a folding sailing dinghy, but I think they're pretty rare. While I encourage you too look for folding kayaks, there are other options to consider. SeaHopper builds folding dinghies in England, they are designed to sail. I own two, and have rigged and sailed one. There are also plenty of canoe rigs, you might look to sail an open canoe.
Good luck with your search, keep us posted.

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Re: Intro from Southern VT

Post by gbellware »

Welcome Geoff!
Yes, you really can sail these kayaks. Funny that first boat you mentioned, the Klepper Passat, is kind of a tub and certainly not where I would start. The world of kayak sailing has come a long, long way since that boat was introduced.
I suggest you take advantage of a resource in your backyard. Jon Sair, owner of Sailyourkayak, is in East Calais, VT. Jon knows more about kayak sailing than just about anyone in the U.S. and he is very generous with his time and advice.
Stay safe and good luck!
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Re: Intro from Southern VT

Post by GrnMtns »

Hi SkiingSailor,
If you can get away this August we will be in the Rangeley Lakes region in northwest Maine hosting a "Salis Angels" event at the Cupsuptic Campground Aug 3-13. All are welcome. It is a great time to check out a variety of sailing kayaks equipped with BSD sail rigs. If you want to stop in the shop here in East Calais I am here most of the time and can give you the nickle tour. Phone is 802.456.8165

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Re: Intro from Southern VT

Post by SkiingSailor »

Thanks for the welcome and great advice so far everyone!

I have been doing some searching of craigslist and there certainly are some options out there. We would be looking for a tandem option as we mostly plan on venturing out together. In fact there is an older Folbot available right here in our area at a very attractive price. It is from at least the early 70's but I feel probably the 60's is more likely. It looks in ok condition from the pictures and I am trying to set up a time to go have a look just because. It does have a sailing rig of its vintage but no sail nor do I know how complete it is as the seller never actually used it. I am a bit leery of starting out this adventure with something quite this old but who knows.

Thank you so much for the offer to swing up to Calais Jon! I will certainly take you up on that and will reach out later today to see what we might be able to set up. I looked around at your site a bunch and we are thoroughly impressed! From the video we watched the capibilites of these modern rigs look to absolutely rival boats that are much larger. As both of us spent many years working on various schooners we absolutely love the look of the schooner rig and how it powered right up. I will certainly be in touch soon and look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

I did also have a look at the SeaHoppers and what cute little things they are! They have that Opti look to them and I bet they are a ton of fun. It it certainly something to keep in mind for the future. Given the turn around times they mention on their website it wouldn't be something I think we could expect to see this summer for any use.

I will certainly keep you all updated.

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