A Seattleite splashing around in Utah

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A Seattleite splashing around in Utah

Post by veejaydee »

Hey folks!

Normally I would be hailing from Seattle, Washington where I fell in love with kayaking on the Puget Sound. Nowadays, I'm spending time with my dad in Utah since he is not well.

For years, I've wanting to get a small, portable kayak that would fit my city lifestyle but I've abstained for various logistical reasons. Coming back to Utah, I rediscovered a family heirloom that I never appreciated before! My great-grandfather's Folbot Kayak (circa 1981, we think) has been sitting -- crusty, dusty and unappreciated -- in my dad's garage for a decade at least. We're very excited to bring her back to life!

The "Denk Jong" is not a foldable kayak (that I can tell); she has a wooden frame and naugahyde skin. As such, I may be an imposter in this folding kayak forum, however I'm hoping to find advice and research resources to assist us in this exciting journey.

Happy paddling everyone!

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Re: A Seattleite splashing around in Utah

Post by JohnSand »

Hello Victoria, welcome aboard!
There is discussion of rigid boats built by folding boat companies here, I have one myself. There is also a Folbot Facebook page, I think someone there just replaced the deck on a rigid Folbot, you might look in.

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Re: A Seattleite splashing around in Utah

Post by Yakadoodle »

Well Congratulations! Good to know some of your family secrets!

You'll find a wealth of info here on this webpage, but you need to go into the links lower down on the page to find history.
http://jeeps-folbots-etc.epizy.com/folb ... t.html?i=2
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