Grüezi from Switzerland

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Grüezi from Switzerland

Post by Eingehirner »

Hi everybody

My name is Simon, I live close to Zurich with my wife and my two children. I just joined this forum and wanted to introduce myself :-)

Switzerland is not a very great country for canoeing. The rivers have been used for generating electricity and since they tended to flood entire cities in spring they have been rectified, controlled, have received concrete borders etc. Still, I love canoeing here. I started out in Germany as a teenager back in 1995 with my godparents in an open Canadian. Since then I always wanted to have a canoe myself. A few years back I got an extremely cheap Pouch RZ 85/3 folding boat with a sail. I went onto the lake Zurich quite a lot with this boat, also in heavy winds and usually solo. As I like the one-sided paddles over the two-sided ones I even made one of the Pouch paddles into a one-side one by adding the sewn-off handle of a garden tool... My great challenge always was: We do not have a car and I can't drive. I always have to get to my paddling grounds by train or bus. Which works quite well in Switzerland but the 35kg of the Pouch were a bit of a problem. It's also rather bulky.

So I sold it and got a used Pakboats Puffin Saranac, first generation (with the inflatable "balloon seats"). Now I'm getting used to it, try to find out what's special about it and how to handle it when going solo. That's also why I joined this forum - I have a problem with it I'm trying to solve... But this will be in a separate post.

So, for the moment: Hello to everybody else here!
Pakboats Puffin Saranac I - trying to get htis working as an open solo canoe ;-)

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Re: Grüezi from Switzerland

Post by JohnSand »

Welcome aboard! I own a couple of folding Folbots, and I'm interested in hearing about your Pakboat.

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Re: Grüezi from Switzerland

Post by Yakadoodle »

Welcome to the biggest kayak closet in the world!
"Yakadoodle" ...I had to come up with some name since Steve already stole my name! :lol:

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