"Yostesque" 4m Foldable canoe plans.

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"Yostesque" 4m Foldable canoe plans.

Post by suemychin »


I recently discovered foldable canoes (watching a Larrs Monson program) and immediately wanted one for camping and fishing trips. When I saw the price I wished I never discovered them. Then I found Tom Yosts site and thought I would look into building one.

For the last couple of weeks I have been putting some ideas together and thought I would post it on a few message boards to get some feedback before I finalized the plans and bought the materials. The yostwerks site is fantastic, there are loads of great ideas and techniques for building kayaks which I will try to apply to this canoe.

I haven't been in a canoe for 5 years (and that was only for a couple of hours) although I do fish in a rowing boat fairly often (what I can draw from that i don't know...). On top of that I've never built anything like this before either (I do get the feeling I'm diving off the high-board into the deep end) so I've tried to keep it simple (largely) with a beginner canoeist in mind. To make matters worse I live in the UK so I couldn't even use the Yostwerks links for my materials and have had to source them from elsewhere.

Basically it will be a 4m aluminum frame with HDPE cross sections, Inflatable sponsons in the flanks, and a 18oz. (HH-66 glued) PVC hull.

I would appreciate any feedback on my plans (which are attached to this post). I have a few questions too that I have struggled to find good answers for, like:
1.) Is there an easy way to work out the Gunwale length (before it is bent) or is it a case of trial, error and adjustment?
2.) Is the recommended load of the commercially available canoes dependent on the strength of the craft, overall buoyancy or a combination of the two?

Any help with those would be great too!
Thanks, Ben. (apologies for the long post.)

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Re: "Yostesque" 4m Foldable canoe plans.

Post by maryinoxford »

Hi Ben,

Welcome to the forum. There are a few of us here from UK, but we are scattered around a bit.

I can't help with your boat design, I'm afraid. But have you noticed that the forum has a section for "homemade folding kayaks"? You might get more info there. Be aware that the vulnerable part of a skin-on-frame boat is where the frame sits against the skin. Hit an obstacle with that part, the skin gets pinched between a rock and a hard place, and can get damaged. Some boat designs address this with padding between frame and hull, others have an extra strip of fabric on the outside of the hull for reinforcement.

Did you manage to source HH-66 in the UK? I few years ago, I did some web-browsing for it (for a project that never happened) but I couldn't find a British supplier.

Good luck with your boat. I'm sure you'll teach yourself a lot in the process.

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Re: "Yostesque" 4m Foldable canoe plans.

Post by suemychin »

Hi Mary, thanks for the reply.

I've only recently became interested in kayaks and canoes. I have no experience with them whatsoever so I thought I'd better join a few forums to pick up some tips and advice.

I noticed the "homemade folding kayaks" section shortly after posting, I wasn't sure if I could move it or not.

The model I've based my plans on uses a sheet of foam to line the floor of the hull. Until now I've always assumed it was to prevent you puncturing the skin from the inside but I can see how it helps just testing the fabric I have between a sponge and the stone wall (...and you said you couldn't help! I'm going to have plenty to think about when I speak to someone who can! :D )

I found this website (http://www.hh66.co.uk/) after Ebay and amazon didn't turn up any results. It wasn't hard to find so I imagine it must be recently created. In fact it also says "Hurry as limited stocks are available and this product has not been available in the UK until now." I better stock-up!

Thanks again, Ben.

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