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Ellis and Beams

Post by MalcolmT »

Whilst researching repair of my Tyne canoe / kayak I was referred to 'How To Build And Manage A Canoe' by Alec R. Ellis and C.G. Beams.
I have my hands full and have a Tyne and a Granta folding kayak to restore never mind the business, family, allotment etc. etc. I have never seen one of these constructed. Has anyone living built one of these and are there any extant? Presumably as a hard chine it will not be as sleek as a PBK20. Since the closure of the historic Canoe and Kayak Association such queries as this are becoming increasingly rarified. I would be interested to know what experience anyone has of these Ellis and Beams canoes / kayaks.

Malcolm Tierney

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Re: Ellis and Beams

Post by idc »

Hi Malcolm,
I haven't come across that book. But my guess is that SamB and Blott (Nick) on Song of the Paddle might be people worth asking. Nick is head of the UK chapter of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association and has a lot of contacts who know things about historic canoes. (Some of whom were probably also members of the Historic Canoe and Kayak Association.) I mention Sam because he was very helpful when I was enquiring about a PBK and he is a skilled woodworker ...
Nick usually organises a few paddles for historic wooden canoes over the course of a year, and I've been made very welcome bringing along wooden/canvas folders. They're an interesting and friendly bunch to chat to. Perhaps you'll be able to come along to a meet some time?
All the best,

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