Klepper Light Mountain Tent

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Klepper Light Mountain Tent

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Incredibly this tent is still relevant by today's standard...

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Re: Klepper Light Mountain Tent

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Yes but you really need a fly sheet, also these tents, (i have the type made by Vango and Blacks) require pegs to hold them up, in a lot of the places where i camp pegs can,t be used,so the lines have to be tied to rocks to stop the tent being blown away. Now on the market is a tent without poles just inflatable tubes built in that act as poles. Klepper are now listing more tents in their line up of accessories. My photo of course is Not a Vango.One of my Klepper catalogs from the 1960s has 5 tents three large family frame tents and the trapper listed for two adults and two children, the other is the zigan listed for three adults, as late as 1978 the "Nanga" tent was on the Klepper America sales list for $85 in cotten 8 1/2 lb or $125 in nylon 5 1/2 lb.

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Re: Klepper Light Mountain Tent

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I had a Eureka 3 man A frame that lasted for twenty years. Was easy to assemble, spacious, watertight and durable. I must have put it away damp or just left it packed up too long because when I last opened it all the material was stuck together and it seems to have lost all it's watertight qualities.

I replaced it with a Big Agnes Copperspur UL3. A little pricey, but it is super lite, packs really small, great interior space and super quick set-up. I love it! Wish I could use it more!


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