VCP Hatch Covers for Fiberglass Kayak?

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VCP Hatch Covers for Fiberglass Kayak?

Post by Rob »

Anyone have a good source for discounted, or not overly expensive hatch covers?

I need the heavy duty, circular, black foam/rubber covers for an old Wye Kayaks Islander. I think the diameter is just a little over 8" in size.

This boat is now made by a company in New England (I forget the name), and has been renamed the Sturgeon. Not sure if they're still using the same hatch design as for the older models. Used to be made in the UK.

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Re: VCP Hatch Covers for Fiberglass Kayak?

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

You might want to post this question on the forums. I've seen folks on there suggest companies from whom you can source rubber hatch covers for discontinued hardshell kayak models. Unfortunately I don't recall their answers but you could use the "search" function to find those posts.
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