Everglades Flamingo Flotilla 2020 -- 01/25-02/02/2020

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Everglades Flamingo Flotilla 2020 -- 01/25-02/02/2020

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Look at that! The closing date of next year's Flamingo Flotilla is a palindrome. Now that's a good omen if ever there was one.

Not that we need help in the omen department. Take Flotilla 2019, for example. At mile marker 88 on the Noble Hammock canoe trail, an alligator leapt out of the water (for joy, no doubt) right in front of one of us. Several of us saw an exploding meteor pass overhead, bound for Cuba. Three people wound up in the drink, unexpectedly, one of them twice. There was daily osprey/crow/vulture/eagle drama overhead as the non-osprey contingent tried to mess with the mom and pop valiantly protecting their young in one of the trees in A-Loop. Lucky RV site T21 experienced a python encounter. We discovered crocodiles basking at Christian Point, where we hadn't seen them in previous years. AND we had a yummy pancake breakfast. With chocolate chips!

And then, there was the whale.... For unknown reasons, it beached and died on Sandy Key, 7 miles from Flamingo. SeaTow towed it to our marina, where it was necropsied on the spot. I mean, right on the Flamingo Marina launch ramp! The link below has the latest intel that I have on the subject, plus a couple of fun pictures. It was a brydes whale, pronounced "brideys". As in more than one Bridey Murphy.

https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/feature- ... co-species

I don't know if I can promise a re-peat in 2020, but you know that Flamingo, as always, will do her best!

For further details about the 2020 flotilla, send me a Private Message. I'll send you the FQA. Also, I like to keep a count. So that we have enough chocolate chips for the pancake breakfast.

For campground reservations:
Hazel, blue Folbot Aleut
Starfish, blue Folbot Yukon
Mudlark, yellow Folbot Greenland II
Reggie II, red Folbot G2 (get it? :wink: )
Audrey, Feathercraft Aeronaut
and a hardshell or two

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