Renaming For Sale section?

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Renaming For Sale section?

Post by Alm »

May be the forum has become too big. People can't find For Sale section and post in other sections occasionally. I'm having hard time finding it myself in the Index, because it begins with "Folding...", and the most important word is at the end. Why not renaming it into "For Sale - kayaks and accessories"? Or - "Buy & Sell, kayaks and accessories", then "Wanted" section can be deleted, shorter Index, easier to find...

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Re: Renaming For Sale section?

Post by maryinoxford »

I'd have no objection to seeing the section re-named, and maybe putting "For Sale" at the start of the title would be more logical.

For myself, I mostly use "view new posts" when checking out the forum, but if someone was looking to post a "for sale", (e.g. a refugee from the Folbot Forum) it might help.
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Re: Renaming For Sale section?

Post by mje »

I just might do that....
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