Innova Swing - burst seam

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Innova Swing - burst seam

Post by jay »

Long story short, I was overzealous in inflating my Innova Swing 2 on a hot day last week and one of the seams burst.
The Swing is the older "LitePack" material, basically some kind of polyester (not PVC) coated with rubber. The seams are vulcanized.
My local boat repair place suggested glue for hypalon. I suspect that would be fine for a patch but not sure it would it hold pressure.
What say you all? Any suggestions?


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Re: Innova Swing - burst seam

Post by JohnSand »

I haven't tried. Is it in a location you could stitch it and then seal it? Otherwise a large patch maybe.

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Re: Innova Swing - burst seam

Post by ChrisvonS »

Hi Jay, aren't all Gumotex/Innova (and similar rubber boats) assembled with glue?
If it's accessible to prepare and glue easily, should be good as before.
In my experience, hypalon glue will tear away the rubber coating from the scrim core before the actual glue separates.

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