Today with the innova halibut- questions

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Today with the innova halibut- questions

Post by cvin »

Took the innova out on a river float today, I did not get to use it much, was more a friend who enjoyed it
But i did do some stuff with it toward the end to get a little bit of a feel for handling compared to my paddleboard

Seems very sturdy but what i call a little bit flighty, 10-15 mph wind was pushing it a good bit, expected but need to know what to do to mitigate if possible

It was loaded medium today and when i use it with the bike will be heavier, if it is loaded more and down more in the water will that help or hurt the handling?
Load more front or back or evenly for handling?
And i do not see a longer fin for the innovas, not sure if that would help or not- or if that is a universal type fin and i can get a different one

Any input would be great, thank you

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