Innova Swing II - Solo

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Innova Swing II - Solo

Post by bryancorbin »

Hi, Everyone.

I'm just curious if any of you have paddled the Innova Swing II solo? I'm 5'11, 170 pounds with a narrow frame. I'll be using the kayak mainly for river and sheltered bay paddling.

Thank you for your time and help.



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Re: Innova Swing II - Solo

Post by Kalif »


Here you have a few pictures of a Czech version of Swing II. ... ary/Swing2

It is made of light version nitrilon has the most comfy seats of all kayaks I've had. The spray deck are too tight and I wouldn't get them again. I've owned Innova version too (the black one PVC-free) and that one has a better deck but no coaming and good seats as the Czech version. Both are stable, dry but not really fast. Good light boats though.
The issue with a single Swing in either version is that it has the same width as double and it might not be the most straight-paddling kayak. And not fast for sure.
If you want exclusively single and decked, get Framura.
Either way, Swing I or Framura, get if form Boatpark rather than from Innova, you'll save at least a half for a much better boat. Us $ is strong now and we don't pay 21% Eurpean VAT. The shipping is around $250, so you break even. They are having a sale these days so all the toys are cheaper.
I've noticed that they re-designed the website and it's much worse now. No specs and navigation is horrible.
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Re: Innova Swing II - Solo

Post by Grognard49 »


I had a Swing II for about 3 years. Most of my paddling was solo. This was OK, but the bow had a tendancy to swing about the desired course line more than was comfortable. I found that if I loaded any heavy gear in the bow, the handling improved. An extra 40-50 pounds in the bow really helped. So my swing became the "cargo truck" for any of our excursions. But with all the coolers in my boat, I never ran out of liquid refreshment.

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