Repair advice for Folbot Pisces

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Repair advice for Folbot Pisces

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Hi Kayakers,
I also posted this on the Folbot page, but then I realized there was a repair forum, so I am reposting this.

I have just acquired a Folbot and it needs a little repair - I could use some advice. I think that based on my research, it is a Folbot Pisces because it has a 4-part deck, which is kind of a pain to assemble.

Here is a link to some photos:

So my questions are:
1. It appears that the deck pieces have shrunk a little and I cannot get the washboard to fit to the little brass horns on the top of frame No. 2. Should I shorten the overall length of the assembly by moving the longhorn attachments on the front or back end as suggested in some of the manuals? Other options?
2. While the hull is generally in perfect condition, at the top of the hull at the bow and stern there is some missing rubber material. How should I repair this so as to have a watertight boat all the way to the deck in the front and rear?
3. The brass wingnut that tightens down the Folbot cast aluminum cover has been replaced with a carriage bolt that cannot be unscrewed by hand. Any suggestions for a better replacement?
4. What is the best product (Brand and product name) to treat the canvas deck?
5. One of the internal pockets for the sponsons has come unglued and the sponson has slid out. what glue should I use to reglue this pocket?

I am sure I will have lots more questions, but appreciate any input on these!
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