skins & keel strips

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skins & keel strips

Post by mmk119 »

Does anyone know a good source of usable used skins and/or strip material for repairs?

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Re: skins & keel strips

Post by BarryM »

If you are in the US, I suggest contacting the good folks at Long Haul Folding Kayaks.

There isn't much of a market for a used skin so I don't think you'll find any on eBay; once they are shot people either patch 'em or pitch 'em.
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Re: skins & keel strips

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

If you can find a dealer who still sells Pakboats and accessories, they offer a nice little repair kit that includes a roll of keelstrip, adhesive and application tools.
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Re: skins & keel strips

Post by mje »

NRS is a good source as well.
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Re: skins & keel strips

Post by MalcolmT »

I have seen in the recent past strips and offcuts of Hypalon for sale on eBay.

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Re: skins & keel strips

Post by idc »

Some years ago I bought some strip hypalon and some hypalon cement and patched an old 1960s rubber skinned Klepper. It has held up very well. I've a feeling eBay may well have been where I came across the hypalon patch, but in any case the reseller was a Marine store, advertising the patches for use on RIBs.
It was a rather smelly and poisonous job given the solvents involved in cleaning the area to be patched and the hypalon cement and were I ever to do it again I'd use a mask and filter.
My brother has an old secondhand rubber skinned boat where some patches that have been applied are simply bicycle tyre patches applied with vulcanising cement. It looks a bit tatty but seems to work.
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