Feathercraft frozen or seized extension tube

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Feathercraft frozen or seized extension tube

Post by Cjhfield »

If the boat is looked after properly this wont happen but when it does its quite expensive to fix.

I had 2 frozen extension bars in my K1. I tired all the suggested remedies without success so destructive methods were required. The tubes were not in the boat which made it easier. I decided to split the outer tube using a belt sander - I have a bench mounted "linisher" ie an upside down belt sander. It was remarkably easy to grind away a split in the outer tube without significantly damaging the inner tube. This allows you to reuse the inner tubes and their hardware and just replace the outer tubing (relatively cheap). Each tube took less than 10 minutes and compared to the hours spent on other methods is pretty painless. It may be possible to do the same thing inside the boat going slowly to avoid heat build up. I think htis is a better method than trying a Dremel tool as you can control the depth of the cut easily and do less damage to the inner tubing. There is hardly a mark on the inner tubing.

Of course if I had left the tubes apart instead of telescoped together I would not have had the problem. Despite lots of Super Lube they still froze and the aluminium oxide is incredibly hard to get to let go.




Re: Feathercraft frozen or seized extension tube

Post by Tak »

Heating the seized extension tubes over a stove (or any fire) worked pretty well for me so far. Took about 5-10 minutes to free up the extension tubes and a thorough cleaning was all that was needed after that.

Your tubes must have really fused together really well.... glad you found a relatively cheap way to replace the tubes!


Re: Feathercraft frozen or seized extension tube

Post by camperkayak »

In other hardware pieces, I´ve used the thermic trick. Heating the outer piece with a hot air pistol, or a camping stove, and then put cold water in the inner tube. Differences in thermal expansion could release both tubes/pieces.

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