Repairing Inflatable Kayak Seam Tear due to Over-inflation

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Repairing Inflatable Kayak Seam Tear due to Over-inflation

Post by wchoe »

I have an Intex Explorer K2 inflatable kayak which has developed a tear in the seam on the stern, due to over-inflation. (see attached picture)
There is no air-leaking as the tear is not on an air-chamber, however, water can come into the kayak as it's just above the waterline.
While I can apply a vinyl patch with glue, I'm concerned that the pressure from inflating the kayak, will open up the tear again.

Please let me know if anyone can provide some advice on this.

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Re: Repairing Inflatable Kayak Seam Tear due to Over-inflati

Post by arcprof »

Looks as if a welded seam has let go and will be tricky to get it flat to apply a patch. I'd suggest you stitch it together with needle and thread to get it back to the original shape then gently inflate the tubes to get it somewhere near the inflated shape. Don't put too much stress on the seam as the stitches will rip through. Now you can apply a patch. H66 glue is good for this type of repair.
Cheers Jim
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