2 Pakboat kayaks in York PA for $500 each

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2 Pakboat kayaks in York PA for $500 each

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This listing just showed up this week in York PA. Good price if they are in nice shape. But I would be cautious about the Swift -- there was one lot of them that had defective fabric in the inflatable components (seats and sponsons). If this is one from that lot and did not have the parts replaced when Pakboat detected the failures, it would not be worth $500. I am still trying to repair two Swifts that I bought 2 years ago with the defective components (I was unaware of them when I bought the boats but at least they were cheap -- $300. Though I have at least $150 invested in materials and tools to make new sponsons and seats, let alone the labor involved.) Maybe Alv knows which serial numbers had the bad components?

https://york.craigslist.org/boa/d/york- ... 67621.html
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