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Klepper Master - Pristine

Post by ds7771 »

Just thought I would share. Went and saw this boat in person. It is absolutely pristine. Been packed away for 30 years--like stuck in a time capsule. Not a scratch on the frame. Complete with spruce mast, leeboards, original sails included. Even the British Seagull motor looks like it just came out of the factory (and I assume totally pollutive as such). The skin is clean and looks practically new, but I am not willing to take a risk on a 40+ year old skin at that price tag.

https://boston.craigslist.org/nwb/boa/d ... 24114.html

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Re: Klepper Master - Pristine

Post by martin2007 »

That boat is a vintage beauty... the engine alone... A reenactor's dream boat! Someone on this forum should buy this. I understand, though, how the integrity of the hull could provoke some doubt. Time alone will exact a toll on rubber, vinyl, and plastics even when said materials are stored in a near- ideal environment. That said, the frame parts look amazing and the boat certainly looks seaworthy. And all for the price of a new entry-level inflatable paddle board...

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Re: Klepper Master - Pristine

Post by JohnSand »

I hope someone buys it and uses it. Those boats interest me, but I have three folding dinghies.

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