TRAK Folding Kayak - $1500 - Minot, Maine

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TRAK Folding Kayak - $1500 - Minot, Maine

Post by tyegrady »

This is a high end folding kayak made by one of the few folding kayak companies still in business. This is the ST16 model which was replaced by the TRAK-2 model last year.

It is 16 feet long, 22 inches wide, and about 50 pounds. It is not a beginner boat!

While the newer model is eight pound lighter and fits in smaller bag, it costs about $3600 now. Customers are complaining about long delays in shipments of the new model. Trak kayaks pack into a rolling bag similar to a large golf bag. It assembles in 10 to 15 minutes and disassembles just as quickly.

The ST16 is the same size and can use many of the same replacement parts if needed. I have taken this one to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and also to the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. It is in like new condition with all of the original accessories such as spray skirt, floatation/gear bags, and the travel bag. I can throw in a PFD, pump, and paddle if you need such. I did have a problem with the hydraulic frame jacks, but will include a new set of the current model replacement jacks.

See some reviews of TRAK kayaks: ... eker-kayak ... -16-kayak/

I bought this for my wife in 2017 but she no longer uses it. I have a nearly identical boat for my own use. I am firm on price for this boat, but could offer a lower price on my T-1600 boat which is nearly identical but has older frame jacks. ... 61992.html
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Re: TRAK Folding Kayak - $1500 - Minot, Maine

Post by Sparky961 »

Still available? Would you consider shipping to Ontario, Canada?

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