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PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:53 pm 
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I've arranged a trip to the Yorkshire Dales region in Britain for this coming May (2017) and am bringing a fold ing kayak with me. I've rented a cottage northeast of York and will have a rental car. Planning some hill walking adventures, visiting historic sites and some day paddling trips from the River Ouse in York to the harbor at Whitby on the North Sea.

Don't know yet if I will be solo -- I tend to plan trips and then invite friends to join me if their budgets and schedules allow it (I have multiple folders so any of them can take a boat and gear as well.)

If anyone here on the boards lives in this area and would like to meet up for an outing while I am there, or if there are folks who will also be visiting the region then (or would like to) send me a PM.

I'm an experienced, well-organized but laid back and flexible traveling companion. Some of my best trips in the past have been with people that I never met in person before we did the trip, including several with members of the opposite [...] that were purely platonic. I'm in my 60's but physically fit (partially due to hanging out with a lot of active younger people). I can easily hike 10 to 12 miles on moderate terrain or paddle all day at a leisurely pace.

i would also welcome tips from anyone who has visited the Yorkshire region. I was there 20 years ago but it was on one of those dreadful bus tours (my mother's idea) where you ride in the coach for an hour while getting a lecture, then have as little as 15 minutes free to explore any stop along the way (maximum stop I recall was 90 minutes but that included an arranged lunch) before being herded like sheep back into the bus. I hope to revisit many of the places that I never had the time to really appreciate.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:06 pm 
knight of the folding kayak realm

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Seems like a wonderful expedition what with both hiking and paddling. Which of your Pakboats will you be taking with you?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:04 pm 
knight of the folding kayak realm

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Hi Kerry,
I've not visited Yorkshire for paddling purposes (have been to York a few times as a tourist/visiting friends), but if you'd like to paddle with locals you could introduce yourself on the website and post in their meetup section. Although it is formally an open canoeing site rather than kayaking, it is very friendly and there are loads of people there who do kayaks as well as open canoes. I've taken my folding kayaks to sotp meetups in various places around the country and been made very welcome—occasionally good-natured ribbing about 'bring a proper canoe next time'. Someone will recommend routes you could follow or point you at blogs of paddles in Yorkshire. And I expect someone would be able to put you in touch with local canoe clubs (in UK 'canoe' is used for both kayaks and open canoes).

There is a useful resource for planning journeys on UK rivers and canals called paddlepoints (I forget if it is .net, I think it is; forgive me for not checking). It has a zoom in map which shows get-ins and take-outs, and can also be searched by river name (which I find works better for me) and sometimes has other points of interest (such as places where there is a history of difficulties with fishermen—a few rivers in England and Wales, by no means all, have a low-level dispute about whether or not fishing syndicates can 'own' a river and prevent paddlers' navigation; the consensus among paddlers is that they can not). Canals formally require a licence to navigate on them. In practice whether you'd ever meet someone likely to check a licence is another matter.

Hope that helps. I'm out of the country for much of May or I'd be tempted to try and join you myself, though it's a fair distance from Cambridge where I'm based. (A bit of me is also tempted by your xt-15, though as the owner of several folding kayaks, I hardly need another boat. I think I had better restrain myself ...)
All the best,

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