Acadia N.P., late August 2010

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Acadia N.P., late August 2010

Post by njpaddler »

Local knowledge needed here, if any of you can help, or can join me...

I have the last two weeks in August off and I'm coming up to Maine's Acadia National Park with the Feathercraft. Any information that anybody can give me as far as best places, things to be aware of, sights not to be missed, etc., would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to paddle and camp the whole two weeks.


~Paul, in N.J.


Re: Acadia N.P., late August 2010

Post by ozarque »

I have never been there, but a good friend went there in the 80s and said it was extremely isolated and that the logging trucks were dangerous on the back roads. It may have changed since then.

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