patagonia - january 2010 (3 weeks)

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patagonia - january 2010 (3 weeks)

Post by sroberge »

here is what i posted locally if you are interested.

p.s. I would be willing to fly to you should you be far away and we wanted to check if we could be compatible for this trip

I am looking for participants in a sea kayak trip in Patagonia next January. While the main event would be to sea kayak in Chilean Patagonia fjords with glaciers for three weeks starting in Puerto Natales, I am also planning a week in the world famous trekking destination Torres Del Paine.

I could organise most of the sea kayak trip as I had it pretty much all cooked last fall when I had to cancel. I drove to Lake Powell instead for 4 wks of sea kayaking. While I can do most of the organizing, it would a self-guided trip. I am certified Level Two and I been doing sea kayaking expeditions for 25 years in various challenging places.

To see the location of kayaking trip, you can put “Camp Kiara, Natales, Chile” in Google maps and you will get a sense of the area. Further info and videos, can be obtained at and the owner of the refuge mentionned there could be used as local support including to stay in his refuge if desired (I am thinking to stay there for a day on the way in and one other night on the way out so we are his clients while there). A little portage of 3 km can be used to get there without facing the strong current of Patagonia (see “Camp Resi, Natales, Chile” in Google maps).

Another options for kayaking would to come back from Torres Del Paine on the Serrano River (just enter “Serrano River, Torres de Paine, Chile” in google map) and get pickup by boat at Puerto Torro glacier. This pickup could be difficult to arrange for those without a folding kayak but it could be looked into, which I have not done last fall.

The backpacking part would be done first and it would be a good use of time while waiting for the Chile Government (Park authority and Navy) needs to grant us the authorizations. I have an INREACH Device that could report daily our position to the Navy via satellites as required by the Chile Government.

Leaving aside the airfare to Puntas Arenas, Chile, the next biggest financial commitment for this trip would be to have the proper kayak. I had planned this kayaking trip with a folded kayak (I have a K1 by Feathercraft) that I was flying to Patagonia with so I am not sure if you can rent good sea kayak there. I could checked into that but the best would to bring a folded kayak. I have an extra K1 and I know someone with a K2.

As the kayaking and camping would be challenging, the composition and capacity of the group is very important. It is therefore important that interested persons be able to do group activity over the next few months in order to make sure that participants are compatible, capable, well equipped and fit enough. I expect that the trip will get confirmed early next September.

If you are interested, the next step would be that you send me an e-mail ( with a phone number or another way to talk and, most importantly, a detailed description of your gears as well as relevant experiences and certifications with the year for each of them. If this step is satisfactory, you will be invited to join in on kayaking for short trip and, eventually, to a weekend of kayaking camping. These short trips and weekends would ensure the group’s compatibility and everyone’s capacity. Please note that a simple RSVP is not going to be considered and will not be followed up on unless the above e-mail is provided.

As the first kayaking events would be soon when the water is still very good, a full body drysuit would be mandatory for these events. Anyhow, this would be mandatory for Patagonia

Stephen from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
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Re: patagonia - january 2010 (3 weeks)

Post by kaace »

This trip and its variations all sound incredible. I can't join next year but I wish you well!
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