Paddling in SF Bay Area

Looking for someone to go paddling with in your neck of the woods? This is the place for paddlers to meet up.

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Paddling in SF Bay Area

Post by dmar »

Anyone interested in kayaking in the bay? I have an Oru kayak but my kayak pal is injured, so I’m looking for a new paddle buddy.

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Re: Paddling in SF Bay Area

Post by JohnSand »

I'm pretty far away, but welcome aboard!

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Re: Paddling in SF Bay Area

Post by Rob »

I'd love to, but alas, I'm pretty far away as well, and the current car I'm driving is very unreliable, so probably won't make the trip.

Let me know if you want to come up to the Sac region though, or want to paddle in some of the Sierra lakes, or at Tahoe, once the smoke clears.

In the interim, I suggest you consider joining BASK (Bay Area Sea Kayakers), if you aren't already a member there. They've got both a website, and a Facebook presence. A lot of stuff is hidden on their website, until you become a member.

Not sure how active they are, or if they're still holding monthly meetings right now, but they're one of the largest sea kayaking paddling groups in California. They used to hold their meetings in SF.

Also, there's a Western Sea Kayakers group down in Silcon Valley too. I don't know much about it, but it looks like they have regular meetings, and do trips too.

Hope you find someone to paddle with soon.

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