Steering under wind

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Re: Steering under wind

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Hi DevNull, just to clarify for me please (humour my ignorance)
Are you using a stern rudder Stroke?
I take a NORMAL paddle stroke Say "right side" and if I want to move the bow to the right, I follow through the stroke until my right blade contacts the right stern of boat (vertically), hold it there for 1x beat, with bicep FULLY outstretched, then do your left paddle stroke normally as I am already set up for it...
It can be done without railing the boat, so good for beginners or tender boats.
This is known as a stern rudder and is used intermittingly and ONLY works when boat is moving forwards through water. The advantage is, it will NOT slow boat down like a sweep stroke and can be done at high speed.(surfing) It can be done from the bow also, but BEWARE of rapid reaction from boat..
apologies if appear to be teaching my Granny to suck eggs folks.
Cheers, Wayne

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