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Re: Feathercraft sea anchor?

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:21 pm
by DevNull
acrosome wrote:Not to discourage free enterprise, but doesn't Feathercraft make a sea anchor? I can't seem to get to their website just now.

I'm just looking at making one for myself.

Theirs is more of a proper sea anchor, with a narrow exit that cannot be adjusted. it works well as a safety device but a drogue with an adjustable exit would give you more choices. For instance, going down following seas can be fast but tiresome. A drogue adjusted just right, could keep you from surfing down the swells (and getting turned about) while allowing you to maintain a decent speed. In this particular situation a sea anchor would slow you down way too much.

Even if theirs was adjustable, we are still talking $145 for $15~$20 worth of materials. I have a sewing machine and I ain't afraid of using it :D

Theirs is 10 1/4" entrance by 2 3/8" exit (round, diameter). The first test drogue I'm making is going to be 11" entrance by 8" adjustable exit. I may even use it when I go paddling with the wife, to keep me paddling at the same speed.

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 10:36 pm
by krudave
DN, REI sells a very serviceable one for US$30. Even if you figure you are worth only US$5/hour as a seamster, you would be money ahead to invest:

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:12 am
by DevNull
krudave wrote:DN, REI sells a very serviceable one for US$30. Even if you figure you are worth only US$5/hour as a seamster, you would be money ahead to invest:
Thanks for the link. When I was trying to buy, this one didn't show up on any of my searches. You are right; the price certainly tilts the buy vs. build towards buy :(. A shame I didn't seen it before ordering what I need to build :? .

Re: Drogues

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:10 am
by kiwisailor
Ahh, the joys of drogues.. Yes, I have used a SEA Anchor off my kayak's bow and Sea Anchor off my 38 ft Catamaran on Ocean Passages from New Zealand to Tonga/Fiji, which is notorious for storms.
Refer- Drag device data base by Victor Shane + ( Coppins a N.Z. company)
I have personally found them FANTASIC on BIG boat. I have used them over the years on my kayaks to fish from and to rest for rehydration and dehydration (you know what I mean)! to preventloss of hard earned, upwind sea miles. To deploy, use a endless line from bow to cockpit with small loop tied in. Clip sea anchor on and move it to bow. (otherwise more tricky to retrieve ) 1x metre diameter is about correct. This WILL however pull you THROUGH 2x metre waves as the bow finds it difficult to rise, which is why you need a long stretchy (nylon) line. approx. 3x boat lengths or more. Anchor needs to sit about 1-2 metres below surface, too deep and it will pull bow down, too high and it will get pummeled by breaking waves.
I have never used a drogue (from stern) as can't see the point, as I WANT to go with the flow as fast as possible. Never pitch poled, as I lie on rear deck and stern paddle -steer with safety/sun glasses on to see where I'm going. Have pitch poled deliberately in surf when doing pirouettes (Yes, accidentally too) the thought of using a drogue from stern in surf, scares me. I simply secure my rudder on deck, broach the boat and do a LOW brace into shore if I fail to ride the BACK of a wave in. Have never been pulled out or broken a paddle broaching in. I "my OPINION" this is the SAFEST way as it completely controllable without sudden high speed chaos. Yes, I know the thought, of sitting beam on in front of a HUGE wave seems stupid, but it DOES work. If I think i'll have a surf landing, my helmet comes on the rear deck with me. Sorry, didn't intend to write a thesis, Cheers, Wayne

Re: Drogues

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:52 am
by dschin
might it be necessary to use a tripline when using a drogue?

are there pics availible using a trolleysystem on a folder? sometimes is is importsnt to chance to position from ster to bow and back


Re: Drogues

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:18 pm
by kiwisailor
Hi Dschin, NO ! Please do not use a trip line. My suggestion is to try it in sheltered waters and you will realise how much a pain in the butt it is.
It WILL get twisted with other line and you will probably end up cutting it away, you do carry a easily accessible sharp knife don't you?
ANYTHING that complicates process is not good. Same problems in Big boats as Kayaks.
The Sea Anchor and Drogue will both spin if a swivel is not in-line. Get a strong clip/swivel combo from a fishing shop. The larger (approx. 20 mm) ones can hold a very angry 1000 lb Marlin, so am confident it will hold you and kayak !
Have a small mesh bag to put your Anchor or drogue in when not deployed. I use a piece of Pool Noodle with line inserted through it for float.
This does two things.
1- enables you to see where anchor is.
2- keeps the anchor at a consistent depth. Too high and it will get thrashed by waves. (think laundry in washing machine)
Too deep, and it will provide down wards pull, not linear pull which is the name of the game.
Whatever you do, ENSURE it is quick and easy to deploy and retrieve.
If not, it will create more problems than solve.
I use mine quite a bit. Even use it when wanting to get out and swim with Dolphins and don't want the boat to blow away while distracted.
I suggest trying to get hold of a Ex- Military parachute from a rocket flare or Mortar flare. Cheap and cheerful !
Good luck, Wayne

Re: Drogues

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2020 10:12 pm
by Yakadoodle
How do you control the depth where the sea anchor stays?