Folders in the surf

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Folders in the surf

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Hi, Iv resently started yousing folders, I have a 20 year experiance with hard shell kayaks and the last three paddling Skin on frame, Iv resently perchased a fethercraft Kahuna, it was second hand but in realy good condition, Last weekend I paddled a Navigator , and had to land in surff, about 11/2 to2 metr , sumthing I normaly dont think twise about when in a hard shell boat . the folder performed OK in the surf but Im thinking thers more to yousing a folder in the surf than meets the eye , most of my paddling is in loaded kayaks , eny cments grtly apresiated , partiqularly eny do's and don't s

For those who dont know me , I must apologise for my roten spelling I openly sufer from mild dislexia , sumdays its realy roten and most just plain bad !

Regards Mick MacRobb
Flat Earth Kayak Sails.

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